Undivided attention

You want to gain more self-confidence in the field of public speaking. You have a dream presentation, want to give your speaking skills an upgrade or have a big project coming up. You need personal attention to enlarge your comfort zone. We actually enjoy this one-on-one interaction as much as you do. Because nothing makes us happier than seeing you grow. We can’t wait to bring you more in touch with yourself. This exclusive 1-on-1 program is meant for you dear professional, who would like to work in a safe environment, on how to blow the others away with stories that stick, in a way that is your own.

This is how we roll:

    1. We start with a telephone intake
      so that we know for sure that there is a match
    2. Now, we start planning at least 3 session of 90 minutes each (we might add more later);
    3. You fill in an online intake form
      to make your learning needs even clearer
    4. Awesome, now the magic starts
    5. After the programme, we’ll remain available
      as your personal helpline

    The costs are €2395 for 3 sessions in total, excluding VAT. This all-in price, which includes the venue, catering, training materials and the post-training helpline.

    Training dates

    Whenever you want, luxury isn’t it

    Training venue

    We’ve got plenty ideas for this, like the ADAM-tower in Amsterdam. But let’s first discuss what suits you best.

    Can't wait?

    Check our LinkedIn page for updates and articles.

    They loved it

    A gift

    There is a lot to be found and said about the ‘how’ of public speaking, and many others have tried to convey the message. But none do this like Happy Good Talk. They go much more in-depth and as a result you gain a much better and stronger basis. And when you make changes for the better at that level, you can also apply what you’ve learned beyond the field of presenting. They truly are the real deal. It felt like a present to myself. Not only can I open this present during work hours, also in my private life this newly gained knowledge is applicable.

    Azzeddine El Attoti

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    I completed a programme with Marco Pesch. He took me step by step through the process of speaking and presenting in a more effective and impactful way. So many useful insights, pieces of advice and examples that truly blew my mind. I really feel so much more comfortable and capable when making a presentation. Let’s put it this way, I love presenting now.

    Micha Vredegoor