Undivided attention

You want to gain more self-confidence in the field of public speaking. You have a dream presentation, want to give your speaking skills an upgrade or have a big project coming up. You need personal attention to enlarge your comfort zone. We actually enjoy this one-on-one interaction as much as you do. Because nothing makes us happier than seeing you grow. We can’t wait to bring you more in touch with yourself. The individual programme is for the professional who wants to learn how to tell a striking and suitable story one-on-one with the trainer in a safe environment. Unlock the power to tell a story in a distinctive way: your way.

Words that mean business!

  1. We start with a telephone intake
    so that we know for sure that there is a match
  2. We then schedule
    our three 90-minute sessions
  3. You fill in an online intake form
    to make your learning needs even clearer
  4. We welcome you with a smile
    in our clubhouse – A’DAM Tower
  5. After the programme, we’ll remain available
    as your personal helpline

The price is €1,800 in total for 3 sessions, excluding VAT. This all-in price, which includes the venue, catering, training materials and the post-training helpline.

Training dates

Whenever you want, luxury isn’t it

Training venue

ADAM Tower in Amsterdam

They loved it

A gift

You hear tips about making good presentations all the time, but Marco tackles the topic on a whole different level. He goes much more in-depth and as a result you gain a much better and stronger basis. And when you make changes for the better at that level, you can also apply what you’ve learned beyond the field of presenting. Marco gives people a gift. A gift that you can both open again every working day and unwrap in your private life as well!

Azzeddine El Attoti


I completed a programme with Marco Pesch. He took me step by step through the process of speaking and presenting in a more effective and impactful way. I gained so many valuable insights, tips and examples that speak to the imagination. It has really helped me to feel much more comfortable when I’m making presentations.

Micha Vredegoor