Your lifehack
for public speaking

You’re next up and you can feel your hands getting clammy. As your heart pounds, you suddenly feel anxious. You take a couple of deep breaths, force yourself to smile and step up to speak. All eyes are focused on you, and you can feel a sense of panic striking…

photo taken through a window, from a presentation training. You see the trainer with a green tshirt on in front of the group. There are 5 participants at the table, listening to the trainer.

Training as unique

as you are

You learn to hack yourself with Happy Good Talk. Why? Because you’re all you need to connect with other people. After your training with Happy Good Talk, you’ll have a treasure chest overflowing with skills because the ability to speak in public is worth its weight in gold. Okay, what you’re wanting to learn isn’t unique, but you are one of a kind. That’s why you’re free to select the training from our range of programmes that meets your unique needs to a tee.

A private 1-on-1 programme with a trainer just for you.


An online module that you can add on to one of our training programmes.

Extra modules

Smiling woman at a table. She has red curly hair and golden round glasses

They’ll never forget you now! Our most extensive training programme ever.

Blow ‘em away

Tell your story and sell yourself persuasively and powerfully.

Power of persuasion

Put effort into presenting yourself – it’s an art.



Good Clients

Today these happy stars capture the hearts of audiences and take every stage by storm.
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What do you want to achieve?


    • I want to blow away an audience with both my story and authentic self.
    • I want to breeze through business presentations (and not just on Zoom).
    • I don’t want to just sell; I want to persuade through stress-free pitching.
    • I want to work privately with a trainer to achieve my personal goals.

They loved it

Highly recommended.

You should definitely take this training if you want to speak confidently in front of a group. A gift to yourself!

Mie Dries


The perfect way to learn to speak in public more comfortably! Goal-orientated, no-nonsense and more in-depth than I expected. I highly recommend it to everyone!

Alexander van der Meer