Being yourself with a good story

You may not realise it, but you’ve actually been speaking in public your whole life. It started with a show-and-tell on guinea pigs at school. Now speaking in front of a group is an integral part of your career. And whether you like it or not, as a professional you have to make presentations and pitches from time to time. Sure you know how to get through it, but you often have a nagging negative feeling afterwards. You worry about your words on your drive home. It keeps you awake at night and you’re jealous of people who seem to be natural-born public speakers. At Happy Good Talk, you don’t just learn how to speak in public – you also get to know yourself outside your comfort zone.

Whatever your public speaking goals, you’re in good hands with Happy Good Talk. Everything from the cool and inspiring venue, such as A’DAM Tower in Amsterdam or Creative Valley in Utrecht, to the creative exercises is designed to empower you to step into the right energy. We’ll tackle tough questions like: How can you help yourself if you don’t feel like yourself? What if you’re taking shallow breaths, your voice is quivering, and monotone words are hiding your personality? How do you really grab other people’s attention?

Hack your speaking skills through a Happy Good Talk training course and use your personality as a superpower. We’ll make sure we get to really know you during the training session – so that we can together crack your code.

Always wanted to know how a spoken word artist moves her audience? Or how a slide-design guru or a presentation trainer takes control of the stage?

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What we love

Positive feedback and focussing on reinforcing what already works

We’re rebellious, love creativity, and always add a big helping of humour

More freedom to be ourselves in the world, both in celebrating individuality and diversity, because inclusive representation matters

A training venue that exudes inspiration, like our clubhouse in Amsterdam, A’DAM Tower

Practical exercises from the world of art, theatre and personal development

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Which words do you want

to turn into deeds?

World domination: I have to speak to a large group of people. Yikes!

Pitching: I want to learn how to sell more persuasively

Business presentations: I want to make presentations without sweating it

Presenting myself: I want to make a connection with people when I tell my story

Online Speaking: I want to experience a connection online

Personal goals: I want a trainer all to myself