Blow ‘em away

They’ll never forget you

You’re an experienced speaker. Your speaking skills have already opened lots of doors for you. Doors that have led to where you are today – on the big stage. But let’s face it – it’s SO SCARY (even for you).

Because what happens if you get a black-out? What if you talk faster than you did on your last Tinder date? And if all goes well, how do you turn an objective stranger into a fired-up cheerleader?

You’ll learn this and more during our most extensive training course ever. Whether you’ve got a Tedtalk coming up or you’ll be speaking to the entire team, you’ve got to know how to blow your audience’s socks off!

Sounds great, but how am I supposed to do that?

You blow ‘em away by telling a compelling story and visualising it with matching images. So by using storytelling! And you do it in your own way. Become an even better speaker! Take Happy Good Talk’s most popular training programme. t’ll make you and us happier than ever.

I’m already a good speaker and want to become even better

I want to be less dependent on my audience’s reactions

I want to speak confidently in front of a large group

I want to streamline my story and get to the main point

It is really time for the next step

What do we have to tell you?

Programme day 1

  • Individuality and mindset
  • Storytelling techniques & structuring a story
  • Interaction and connection
  • Practical tips (stuff you can really use)
  • Cool and fun practical exercises

Programme day 2

  • Even more creative practical exercises
  • Preparations and practical matters
  • Your personal fire
  • Even more concrete tips
  • Positive and constructive feedback

The training is made up of 30% theory and 70% practice. We’ve already set the dates for this training. All you have to do is register and save the dates. The training programme will definitely go ahead with a minimum of 4 registrations (maximum of 6). The price is €1,797 per person, excluding VAT. This is an all-in price, which includes the venue, catering, training materials, intake and after-care.

Training venue


Training dates

Sep 8 and 29, 2022 (full)

Oct 11 and Nov 1, 2022

They loved it

A 10+

I give this training programme a 10! Anything less wouldn’t do it justice. It gives your self-confidence a real boost and you learn a lot in the process!

Sam Sayonara

Really being myself


A very valuable training programme! I’ve learned how it feels to use my natural speaking style in my 2. It’s something I want to experience more often!

Tarik Eraslan