Putting effort into presenting yourself

You want to learn how to really capture someone’s attention, engage them in a story and make words tangible. And, above all, how do you be yourself when presenting?

About half of the participants at networking events are having a panic attack. A suppressed panic attack, but an attack nonetheless. During the Presenting Yourself training course, you’ll learn how you can always have answers ready for questions such as ‘What do you do actually’? You’ll learn to stay cool during an awkward job interview and how to make a connection remotely. You learn to align yourself to the other person and to read the person sitting across from you.

I am my brand, so I also want to come across professionally

I want to be known as clear and concise

I no longer want to be dependent on another person’s reaction

I want more self-confidence in this field

I want to move the other person to action, but how?

I want to position myself the way I see myself

What do we have to tell you?


  • Using storytelling techniques to inspire
  • Creating impact by being yourself
  • Interaction and connection
  • Individuality and what suits me?
  • Practical application

The training is made up of 30% theory and 70% practice. The price is €897 per person, excluding VAT. This is an all-in price, which includes the venue, catering, training materials, intake and after-care. We’ve already set the dates and are looking forward to arranging an inspiring venue for you. The training will go ahead if we have at least 4 participants. The maximum number of participants is 6.

Training dates

Jan 23, 2023

Training venue


They loved it



I learned how to keep being myself and that it’s okay to make mistakes. It’s a very trusted environment and the programme is packed with concrete tips.

Sadu Seyban

A great day

Feeling what it’s like if you’re unsure of yourself, but also experiencing that sensation when you take to the stage with confidence and are really able to enjoy it.

Roumayne Scheepers