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Extra online module

The terms Zoom and Microsoft Teams have become top-scoring words in Scrabble. But digital life is a tough game. Online meeting participants look, if they’ve got their cameras switched on, like they’re in a really bad mood. Half of them film their chin or nostril and most of them always encounter technical problems. How do you forge a path for yourself through the jungle of online presentations?

That’s what you’ll learn in this extra Online Speaking online module. You learn how to let the camera work for you and how to maintain your individuality in the cloud. You’ll also learn how to overcome your digital struggles. We recommend adding this module to another training programme, but you’re naturally also welcome to take it separately.

How can I make technology work for me?

How do presenting online and offline differ?

I want more self-confidence in this field

I want to move the participants to take action, but how?

What do we have to tell you


  • Sound, lights, camera and action!
  • Concentration span and interaction
  • How to use slides online
  • Lots of practical tips
  • Practice-based learning, you can put what you learn into practice

The training course takes 3 hours and is held via MS Teams or Zoom. The price is €497 per person, excluding VAT. The dates have been set. The training will go ahead if we have at least 4 participants. The maximum number of participants is 6.

Training dates

September 23, 2022, 09:00 – 12:00

Training venue


They loved it

Happy Talks


Extraordinary training. Feels very different than other training on the same subject. I was impressed and the training proves that doing it right delivers the message. The message was delivered :-).

Martin Kazik

Very knowledgeable


Puck is a great trainer with lots of knowledge, expertise and experience in the field of online presentations.

Rakesh Kapura