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Happy Good Talk is a not-so-standard training organisation with a team of comfort zone enlargers. Our Happy Good Talk trainers are experts in the field of public speaking. From a women in leadership champion to a presentation slide guru, all our trainers share a firm belief: We need more freedom to be ourselves in the world. Both in terms of individuality and appearance.

Each of our trainers has their own area of specialised expertise relating to public speaking. We deploy this expertise to pull you out of your set patterns. Because when you’re outside your comfort zone, that’s when you meet yourself. Our training offering is rebellious, creative and positive. Elements that you need to make a connection when you are speaking in public.

You don’t necessarily learn to make presentations with Happy Good Talk – you learn to comfortably be yourself in every situation. Individuality always speaks for itself.


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Happily talking since 2017

Our mission: To give you greater self-confidence in a fun and rebellious way. This is so important because self-confidence forms the basis for a talkative life. Compare it to parachute jumping. It sounds super scary, but it’s a piece of cake when you’ve got the added security of having us tied to your back to release the parachute so you can enjoy the view. It’s doesn’t matter from what height you’re jumping; we’ll make sure you land safely.

We teach you to be closer to yourself by providing you with tailored coaching and training in the area of pitching. After all, you’re anything but standard, otherwise you would have never come into contact with us. You want to use your personality and energy to move your audience. And that speaks volumes.

A mission without vision is like an argument that erupts when you get lost on a road trip; you can only get angry if one of you misread the map. Our vision is that public speaking should be fun. After all, when you combine storytelling with your personality you create fireworks and rock every stage.

Stories are the fastest route to other people and a story is as strong as the person who is telling it. So let’s focus above all on all the things you can do. We know from experience that focusing on the positive works. It’s just like a houseplant – if you water and take care of it, it will grow and flourish.

Our public speaking experts

Smiling man with yellow shirt and brown hair

Marco Pesch

Owner and creative brain behind Happy Good Talk. Marco has a background as an actor and is a popular speaker at events, conferences and congresses.


Our team of comfort zone enlargers serves as a flexible shell. We’re connected by our expertise and individuality. That’s why we naturally radiate positivity. Do you think you’re a perfect fit with our team? Let us know!

puck van doorn 1

Puck van Doorn

Truly and expert in combining storytelling with individuality.

maarten van der schaal 1

Maarten van der Schaal

Our slide design guru. Knows storytelling like the back of his hand.

achterdeschermen regelaar esther seignette 1

Esther Seignette

Plans, assists and manages everything behind the scenes. Her personal touch will make you feel welcome!

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Dalida de Graaf

“Celebrate your individuality!” is something you’ll hear her exclaim repeatedly.

Smiling woman with black curly hair, golden ear rings and a black blazer

Astrid Rose

Provides artists, performers and other professionals with public speaking support, with a particular focus on making presentations based on your individuality.

Smiling woman with brown curles and round silver ear rings

Eva van der Voet

Has extensive experience as a training actress and it shows by the way she gives feedback.

Smiling man with short dark hair, white shirt and round glasses

Samir El Hadaoui

Calls himself a growth coach. Possesses a wealth of individuality and lets others discover their individuality.

Smiling man with short dark hair, white shirt and round glasses

Maartje van Wijk

Heaps of experience when it comes to communication and storytelling.

No bull

Just great stories