Concise and compelling

Persuading. It sounds doable but feels dramatic. Other people don’t yet have a clue how fantastic your idea, opinion, product or service is. And that’s why it’s so important not to slip into the role of the slick salesman. So wash that slicked-back gel out of your hair and be your natural self.

During the Power of Persuasion training programme, you’ll learn the art of persuasive pitching – whether it’s a political debate, a job interview or a game of poker. You’ll discover why structure matters and learn how to speak concisely and structure a story. We’ll teach you how to be yourself during a pitch. This is because the trainers who teach you to be persuasive have made a top sport out of being yourself. They’ve also got a secret to share with you – so give yourself this training as a gift and hack your life!

Man presenting in front of a group, grey hair, black shirt

I want to have a pitch for 1, 3 and 5 minutes

I want to learn to get to the point

I want to give structure to my pitch

I want to learn how to really get people to act

I want to strike the right balance between being a sales genius and being myself

What do we have to tell you?


  • How storytelling works when you want to persuade people
  • How to connect with others
  • How to discover your individuality and apply it
  • Practical experiences and concrete tips
  • The practical side of pitching, such as time, structure and slides

The training is made up of 30% theory and 70% practice. The price is €897 per person, excluding VAT. This is an all-in price, which includes the venue, training materials, intake and after-care. We’ve already set the dates for this training programme and are looking forward to arranging an inspiring venue for you. The training programme will go ahead if we have 4 participants. We adhere to a maximum number of 6 participants. So this means you’ll always get enough personal attention.

Training dates

November 10, 2022

Training venue


They loved it

Great experience

I would recommend this training to anyone who wants to get to know themselves in an insightful way and wants to apply their personality when telling a persuasive story.

Sheila Bronswijk


Happy Good Talk’s training programmes are always positive, with lots of humour. Highly educational with personal examples taken from real life.

Diana Smith