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Figures make the world go around. Ask any accountant. But most people think figures are dull and boring. That’s not true – figures give us a direct route to understanding complex matters. But it’s still so easy to stumble into the pitfall of purposely making figures hard to understand. You want to include months 2 and 3, and insert that +10%, and stick in that 3-D graph with double axes and a forecast. During this online training we learn you on how to convey your message strongly while using facts and figures.

Because you can turn presenting figures into a party! And just like at every party, you’ve got to mingle, mix and connect with your guests. That is what you will learn during this online training. We strongly advice you to add this online training to one of our live training programs, like Blow ’em away. But you’re also welcome to take it separately.

What do I want to say vs. what do I want others to hear

How do I make difficult data easy?

I want my audience to instantly see what I see

I want to wake them up with figures!

What do we have to tell you?


  • Get to the core of your message
  • Make complex subject matter easy
  • Add personality
  • Concrete tips and advice
  • Feedback you can put into practice straightaway

This online training takes up 3 hours of your time and is conducted via MS Teams or Zoom. The costs are €497 p.p., excluding VAT. The training will go ahead if we have at least 4 participants. The maximum number of participants is 6.

Available training dates

Unfortunately there are no dates available. Interested, please contact us via

Training venue

Online, via MS Teams

They loved it

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Happy Talks


Extraordinary training. Feels very different than other trainings on the same subject. I was impressed and the training proves that doing it right delivers the message. The message was delivered :-).

Martin Kazik

Never boring again


Maarten knew how to make presenting figures really fun! I will especially remember adding that personal element. Never present boring stuff again!

Frans Akkermans