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Public speaking is a gift. And it’s up to you to hand these out to your audience. Your ideas, your vision, your knowledge, these are all gifts that you hand out to your audience. This is our present to you. You are currently full of tips, confidence and success experiences. We would like to keep it that way. That’s why this page.


With Marjolein

Duration 20 min – Goal relax – Turn off mobile

This video lasts 20 min. It is a low energy level and helps you unwind. Marjolein first does a powerful breathing exercise with you. She then guides you through a visualization. Guaranteed calm, in your head and your body. Just turn off your phone and get out. This time is your gift to yourself.


with Andre

Duration 4 min – Goal laugh – Make wiggle along

4 minutes of positivity. Wobbles and smiles guaranteed. This is a medium-high energy level. You need to move your thoughts, something completely different, full of positivity. Let André take you into the world of pitching and presenting and listen to his rap made especially for you.

To move

with Denise

Duration 9 min – Move targetDo n’t think

9 minutes of sweating and blushing. After this video you will feel your body doing what it was made for. Denise does a few simple sports exercises with you, at various strength levels. Whether you are heavily athletic, or start exercising tomorrow. You don’t have to change clothes and can do this next to your work table. It’s really wonderful to feel your body again after you’ve been behind the computer for so long.


from Barack Obama

Duration 5 minutes

Obama is often mentioned as an inspirational speaker. Barack in this case, because Michelle can use it too. We’ve dissected one of his famous speeches – Fired Up, Ready to Go. Listen to our analysis and learn from the master.

Nice listening

to Marco & Justin

Duration 30 minutes

We used a microphone between 2 stage animals, this is the result: an informal conversation between Marco Pesch and Justin Samgar about failure and individuality as a speaker. This listening session lasts 30 minutes, and is best listened to in the fresh air. So grab your coat, put on your headphones, and go outside. Enjoy!

listening session

by Marco & Justin

ready for even more depth?

We have many more tips, tricks & training courses to improve your public speaking skills. Let’s dive in!