Putting your story into compelling words makes you happy. Because when you tell your story in a captivating and authentic way it’s a huge boost for your self-confidence. We specialise in enabling you to gain self-confidence in public speaking. The Happy Academy puts the fun back into speaking in public. And great people who do great things stay in people’s minds.
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Putting effort into presenting yourself

You want to get someone’s attention at a networking event. Engage them in your story and make your words tangible. How can you stand out during your onboarding? How do you connect with someone’s vulnerable side during a job interview? And, above all, how do you be yourself when presenting? We’ll discover answers to these questions during this interactive training programme.
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Telling your story concisely and compellingly

You want to convince and persuade your audience with your pitch. Whether it’s a political debate, a job interview or a game of poker, we all have to convince and persuade others every day. How can you still be yourself during a pitch? How do you keep your presentation structured and move your audience to take action?
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Blow ‘em away

They’ll never forget you

You’re going to be making a presentation in front of a large group of people. That’s great. But how do you ensure they’ll never forget you? That your story will stick in their minds and that you don’t lose yourself on the stage. In short: How do you use your personality to win over others?
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Your trainer’s undivided attention

You want greater self-confidence in the field of public speaking. You have a dream presentation, stubborn fears, or a huge project coming up. You need one-on-one training and personal attention to enlarge your comfort zone. Treat yourself to the opportunity to work with a trainer who you have all to yourself. It’s a great way to achieve your personal goals one-on-one and in a safe and trusted environment.

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Online presentations

Online training

The terms Zoom and Microsoft Teams have become top-scoring words in Scrabble. But digital life is a tough game. How do you forge a path for yourself through the jungle of online presentations? How do you connect with people who secretly aren’t wearing trousers? It’s great to add this online training as a module to other training courses.
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Presenting Figures

Online training

Figures make the world go around. Ask any accountant. But most people think figures are dull and boring. That’s not true – figures give us a direct route to understanding complex matters. But it’s still so easy to stumble into the pitfall of purposely making figures hard to understand. You want to include months 2 and 3, and insert that +10%, and stick in that 3-D graph with double axes and a forecast. In this module, we show you how to use figures to reinforce your story.
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Slide Design

Online training

You want to hear lots of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ when people see your slide deck. And you don’t want them to be dazed because they’re drowning in the sea of bullet points. On the contrary: You want them to be impressed because these visual aids lift your story to a higher level. How can you achieve this? By taking a smart approach to your deck by designing your slide effectively. Our slide design guru will let you in on all the secrets so you can set your inner creative free.

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